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SMS Notification Forwarder

Разработчик Pokale Ganesh
4.5 usd

This app allows you to read your WhatsApp messages by supported car navigations/head-units and other devices over Bluetooth.It listens for WhatsApp notifications and saves them to the SMS-database, so they will be pushed by Bluetooth MAP-profile to your car.
No configuration needed, only enable Notification-access for this app and set the app as your default SMS/MMS-app (Android restriction).
!!! IMPORTANT !!!Requirements:- Your car has to support reading of SMS messages of your smartphone, otherwise this app will not work!- Also this app must be set as your default SMS/MMS-app (it supports all default SMS/MMS-features) and Notification-access has to be enabled for it to work.
Works on Android 5.x and 6.x. Tested with HTC One, Galaxy S6, Xperia Z3+, AOSP-Roms, CyanogenMod-Roms and BMW iDrive and other cars.
Coming up:- smiley-parser- hide "WhatsApp-SMS" in app- support notifications from other apps